Specialized in: Soft tissue manipulation, Injury prevention, Myofascial Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release therapy, Neck/low back strains, Piriformis syndrome, Scoliosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Patellar Femoral syndrome.

Experience: Cross Fit Regional Games (2013-2015), Canada Basketball’s Junior National Team, Subaru Triathlon Series Milton (2015), Toronto Island Triathlon (2015), CIBC Run for the Cure, Toronto Marathon, Mount Sinai Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (Acquired Brain Injury Rehab).

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Mark Taylor


Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

Mark’s approach is based on the belief that Massage Therapy can enhance one’s overall sense of emotional and physical well being as well as his/her quality of life. He supports his clients by helping to maintain balance through their health and is a firm believer in the body-mind connection.

Mark offers a variety of massage therapy methods, including recovery, hydrotherapy, and acupressure with each session personalized to meet individual preferences and needs. His experience with various levels of athletes, as well as patients with acquired brain injuries has enabled him to provide care through rehabilitation, exercise therapy, and injury prevention.

“I visualize the body to be made up of units. Each unit, or structure, has specific functions it is responsible for. Without access to proper function, the structure may not perform to its full potential; therefore one’s body is compromised and must repair prior to achieving their goal. By keeping the phrase—structure dictates function; function dictates structure—we are able to apply focused therapy and conquer your goals together.”

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