Get Back In The Game

Whether you’re a world class athlete or an active individual, injuries are bound to occur; and the most successful road to recovery is an active recovery.

Our multidisciplinary approach is designed for active, driven, self-motivated individuals working to overcome an injury and get back to their physical lifestyle.

Func. Monk treats Soccer Injuries in Toronto

At Func. Monk, we don’t focus on your limitations, we place the emphasis on your abilities, using your functionality as a foundation upon which to build a customized rehabilitation program to enable you to reach your goals.

It's Not What You Can't Do...It's What You Can
Func. Monk treats Basketball Injuries in Toronto
Func Monk Functional Movement and Rehabilitation

FUNC. (ie. Functional) MONK is an important concept for us as we dedicate ourselves to the care and healing of others.

What’s equally important is that we take a human centric approach; one that is tailored to your unique needs, that is hands-on, and is holistic in its consideration of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Ours is a progressive, natural, and balanced method drawn from years of experience treating top tier athletes in order to help you progress beyond your limitations and reach new levels of performance.

Func. Monk provides Functional Movement Rehabilitation in Toronto

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